Founded in 1937 and affiliated to the G.U.I.in 1938, Cushendall Golf Club nestles at the foot of the beautiful Glenballyeamon in the celebrated Glens of Antrim.

This small, picturesque nine-hole course is bounded by the quaint village of Cushendall (Known as the capital of the Glens) on the landward side, while the waves of Red Bay pound its northern shores. The River Dall meanders through the course to the sea and it is to its presence that the course owes its ”tricky” reputation. Its murmuring waters create out of bounds at the first five holes and reappear with a vengeance at the last two, making any wayward shot almost sure to find a watery grave.
The Club’s badge depicts the four swans which originate in the famous Celtic legend of the Children of Lir, as it was to the Sea of Moyle which rolls beside the course where Fionghuala, Fiachra, Conn and Aodh were banished for 300 years by their wicked stepmother Aoife.